Visit of the Lead Expert of the network "Let's Go Circular!" in Corfu


In the context of the participation of the Development Agency in the European Program "URBACT IV" and specifically in one of the two networks of cities taking part with the central title "Let's go circular!", having as lead city the city of Munich, a meeting was held on 4/9/2023 in the Historical City Hall "San Giacomo"  between the Mayor of the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands, Ms. Meropi-Spyridoula Hydraiou and the potential participants in the program with the Lead Expert of the network, Ms. Feleki Eleni and the project team of the Development Organization.

The purpose of the meeting was to present the structure of the program, the objectives set as well as the next steps required for its effective implementation by both the Lead Expert and the members of the project team. Also, an analysis of the key role that the stakeholders will play during their participation in the so-called "Local Action Group" was made, which is a key component of the success of the program, as well as highlighting the benefits that will arise for the local community both during and after the end of the program. The meeting was attended by representatives of the local political leadership and local bodies as well as employees of the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands.

The objectives of the program are:

  • The use of transnational networks to improve the administrative capacity of European cities,

  • The improvement of the capacities of the beneficiaries in the design and implementation of sustainable urban development policies, practices and innovative solutions in an integrated participatory way focusing on the space,

  • Ensuring access to URBACT knowledge and practices to political & urban development actors for their further utilization in local, regional, national and European Urban Policies, through the European Urban Initiative (EUI) & the Urban Agenda for the European Union.

The expected result of participating in the specific program is the preparation of an Integrated Action Plan (IAP) that will touch on the central issue of the network of cities in which the Development Organization participates.

The Integrated Action Plan offers cities a concrete and consistent response to their policy challenge. It follows an intervention logic which aims to design and implement test-based actions. The Integrated Action Plan will link cities' actions with Cohesion Policy Funds to support long-term implementation.

The duration of the program is 2.5 years and additional meetings will follow. Those interested can find more information on the website of the Development Organization and contact the members of the project team by completing the contact form available on the website.