Visit of the Lead Expert and representative of the Lead Partner of the "Re-Gen" network in Corfu

10/27/20231 min read

During 25 and 26 October 2023, the visit of the Lead Expert of the "Re-Gen" network Ms. Raffaella Lioce and the representative of the Lead Partner of the same network of the Municipality of Verona, Mr. Marco Buemi, took place in the city of Corfu. The main theme of this network of cities is the exploitation of abandoned public outdoor spaces in order to create spaces for alternative sports activities.

During the 1st day, a meeting of the aforementioned with the project team of the Development Organization as well as with local agencies took place, at which the opportunity to present and analyze the next steps required was given and at the same time highlight the multiple benefits that the local community will have from the successful implementation of the specific project. Also, particular importance was given to the necessity of active participation of the potential stakeholders in the Urbact Local Group (ULG), which is a key component of the success of the program, and especially of students aged 10-18 years.

On the 2nd day, a visit was made to "candidate" sites for redevelopment which are located within the urban limits and close to the city center. In the next period of time, a meeting of the potential involved local bodies is planned so that the Urbact Local Group (ULG) of the project can be established and start its activity.