URBACT IV Summer University 2023


In the framework of the implementation of the European Program URBACT IV, in which the Development Organization participates by presenting in two networks of cities, the Summer University of the program took place during the period August 28-30, 2023 in Malmö, Sweden.

The Development Organization was represented by the General Director and the Director of the Technical Service, who had the opportunity to meet representatives of all the cities participating in the program. In addition to the thorough briefing on the implementation of the program by members of the Program Secretariat, it was possible to hold constructive discussions and exchange opinions regarding both the issues of the two networks in which the Organization participates as well as key issues of concern at this time and the rest of the European Partners.

Also, the possibility of future collaborations of the Development Organization with European Municipalities or their agencies in the context of European Programs was explored. It is worth noting that the Development Agency received highly positive comments from the Program Secretariat and from representatives of European cities for its successful first attempt to participate in URBACT IV and especially in two networks of cities.