"Green Transition and Circular Economy in Local Government"


The Development Organization "KAPODISTRIAKI DEVELOPMENT S.A." participated in the Scientific Conference on "Green Transition and Circular Economy in Local Government" in the framework of the country's largest Eco Meet at the Old Faliro Indoor Olympic Stadium (TaeKwonDo) from May 24 to 27, 2023 (https://www.forum-training.gr/course/prasini-metavasi-kykliki-oikonomia-programma-ergasion-2/).

The main issue of the current period for Local Government is the processes aimed at the Green Transition & the Circular Economy. Specifically, the design and implementation of Standard Environmental Policies for Administration & Financial Management with zero environmental footprint, developed environmental skills, green procurement, pollution reduction, sustainable urban mobility, electrification, total solid waste management and waste landfill reduction, environmental responsibility and commitments.