2nd Transnational Exchange Meeting "Re-Gen"



The 2nd Transnational Exchange Meeting of the "Re-Gen" network in Daugavpils, Latvia, has successfully concluded.
The Development Organization was represented by the CEO of the company
Charis Vlassis.
From May 30th to June 2nd, 2024, network's partners gathered in the beautiful city of Daugavpils for the 2nd cross-border Meeting of the Re-Gen project, funded by
URBACT: "Regeneration of Public Spaces through Integrated Urban Sports Hubs for Youth Participation."
During the meeting, participants attended presentations on city development and participated in interactive sessions on project management and communication. An exchange between the stakeholders of best practices for engaging youth in city activities and developed new pilot initiatives has also took place. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to explore outdoor sports facilities and participate in the city's annual festival events.
A big thank to all partners and participants for their active involvement and contribution to the success of this meeting. Looking forward to continuing our work to rejuvenate public spaces and enhance youth participation through sports.