2nd meeting of "Let's Go Circular!" Urbact Local Group

4/15/20241 min read

2nd ULG meeting for "LET'S GO CIRCULAR!" on 11 of April 2024 hosted by Kapodistriaki Development S.A. The Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Michail Chodrogiannis, the CEO of Kapodistriaki Development S.A. Mr. Charis Vlassis and the General Director of the company and Project Coordinator Mr Konstantinos Soukakos welcomed the stakeholders that attended the meeting.

They, altogether, had the chance to set the main vision and talk about strategic objectives that have to be set in order to fulfill the main goal. The discussion contained also the operational objectives to be set and the actions that have to be implemented in order for the circular economy to be further supported localy. Information gathered will be the "input" for the Integrated Action Plan towards circular economy. Moreover, the stakeholders shared their thoughts about the need for spreading the news for "circularity boost" to the schools. The next moves and the next ULG meeting were also discussed.