1st meeting of Urbact Local Groups (ULGs) of the projects "Let's go circular!" and “Re-Gen”

11/21/20232 min read

As part of the participation of the Development Organization "Kapodistriaki Development S.A." in the European Program "URBACT IV" and specifically in the city networks "Let's go circular!" led by the city of Munich and "Re-Gen" led by the city of Verona, the 1st meeting of the Urbact Local Groups of the two networks took place on 20/11/2023 in the event hall in Faliraki, with the presence of the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Ms. Tzanne Panagiota, the Scientific Associate of the Mayor of the Municipality Mr. Dimoulis Viktor, the Director of General Hospital of Corfu Ms. Englezopoulou Manto, the Head of the Managing Authority of Programme "Ionian Islands" Mr. Aspiotis Konstantinos, the President of the Hotel Owners Mr. Voulgaris Charalambos, directors of schools in the city of Corfu, a representative of the Technical Chamber of Corfu and potential people involved in the program with the project team of the Development Organization. During the meeting, there was a brief presentation of the structure of the program, the objectives set as well as the next steps required for its effective implementation by the members of the project team. Also, an analysis of the key role that the stakeholders will play during their participation in the so-called "Urbact Local Group" was made, which is a key component of the success of the program. This was followed by an extensive discussion of the attendees on the issues being negotiated by the two city network projects in which the Development Organization participates. More specifically, an analysis was made of the causes of the problems affecting the two networks as well as their results, which have a direct impact on the local community. In addition, the participants expressed their vision by projecting in the future how they imagine the implementation of the two thematic units. The sharing of the views of the attendees on the central issues of the two projects is a key component of the Integrated Action Plan (IAP), which is also the final deliverable of the program. In the next period of time, other meetings will follow with the Urbact Local Groups of the two projects, in which other stakeholders will have the opportunity to participate as well as ordinary citizens who want to have an active participation in the formation of ideas and decisions. Those interested can find more information on the website of the Development Organization www.kapodistriaki.gr and contact the members of the project team by filling out the contact form on the website or by sending an email to info@kapodistriaki.gr.